March 6, 2024

Defend Your Tech with Otterbox

Technology and little hands sometimes go together in our house (and we have the Lego You Tube video addiction to prove it).  Truthfully though, I cringe a little inside whenever I allow Soren to use the iPad.  Will he drop it?  Will his sticky fingers muck up the screen?

I don't have to worry so much now, having protected my iPad with a Defender Series case from Otterbox.
When I was first gifted with the iPad for my birthday last year (best. gift. ever!), I wasn't sure the best way to protect it.  I started out with one of the Apple covers and a pretty flimsy skin around it.  Needless to say, it wasn't a great fit, both literally and figuratively.  The thin layer of protection it provided didn't comfort me, given the daily use the iPad gets.

With the Otterbox iPad 2 Series Defender Case, I feel so much better about protecting my tech gear, not just from my kids but from my own clumsy self.
The Otterbox Defender comes with an inner shell that has a foam interior which cushions your iPad.  The built-in screen protector is amazing at keeping the glass screen usable and protected.  It's much better than my previous one, that was always peeling around the edges and was challenging to put on the first time.
The outer shell is a hard, silicone layer that works both as a cover for the screen (it even puts it to sleep, like Apple's cover) and as a kickstand for typing and viewing.
Unlike Apple's cover, you can use the iPad on the kickstand in both landscape and portrait mode, which is great for some recipes (and Instagram) that don't adjust to landscape, or even when reading an e-magazine.
The outer shell/stand is so versatile, providing a steep angle for viewing and a shallow one for typing.
I also like the rubberized areas on the corners and back of the outer shell, which keep the iPad from slipping when on a flat surface.  It makes it easier to grip too.

The Defender Series case has made using the iPad so much better, and safer.  Considering the investment one makes when purchasing an iPad, adding protection like an Otterbox case is well worth it.  The only trouble I have is that one needs to depress the home button pretty hard to switch apps.  It's more of an issue for my son than myself, as his fingers aren't as strong.

Next up on my shopping list: an iPhone Defender series case.  I wish they had some nicer designs or an all-white version--hopefully soon.

You can learn more about Otterbox via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
Disclosure: I received a gift certificate from Otterbox to use toward a product of my choosing.  All opinions are my own.

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