March 5, 2024

Not So Perfect: My Finished Afghan

I have aspirations of perfection in my life, can you tell?  It's not crippling, however it does create some stress, especially when in involves the chaos and wills of two young boys.
I'm learning, and as usual, I have to thank my two biggest teachers.  They humble me (ie. kick my ass) every chance they get.
Wait, you don't push together your kitchen chairs during an afternoon dance party?
So no matter the crooked haircuts, jelly faces and the often-forgotten morning teeth brushing--I can handle it.  And when one of those jelly faces says my belly is getting big, so you must be having another baby (yikes, and SO not true.  My weight is a constant work-in-progress).  These things don't bother me so much, oddly enough. 
Easter grass and plastic egg pieces strewn about the floor--that's another story.

I'm pleased that my desire for perfection hasn't translated to craft, specifically to this mistake-riddled afghan that I finally finished.

You might remember me working on this since the fall, specifically during Soren's hospitalization.  The rhythm of knitting those stitches kept my mind from unraveling.
Well, now it's finished, dropped stitches, extra yarn-overs and all.  I've come to terms with its imperfection, mostly because it is a reminder of an important time in my life, no matter how flawed it is or I am. 

And I know that within weeks, these two will have shredded and pulled it apart in the way that they are programmed to do.  I'm prepared for it to become even more flawed.


  1. Well I think it's lovely! And I love the color scheme, too :-)

  2. I have missed a lot. Why was Soren in the hospital? Love your afghan!

  3. Great job with it! Half the battle is finishing up a project. That said... I better get back to knitting my baby blanket. This baby is due in 2+ months and I am procrastinating due to my own imperfections and complexes. :)

  4. I think it's gorgeous. I love the design and the bit of contrast it provides.

  5. I don't think it looks bad at all.

  6. I think it's beautiful--and the boys are just editing your work. My kids are constantly making my husband have to go back and repair old crochet stitches. While he groans about it, the only reason it gets played with so hard is because they love it so much.


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