August 5, 2023

A Room of His Own

Compared to his brother's room, Soren's bedroom was pretty drab.  What had first been a guest room, then a playroom/sewing room (man, I wish I still had that space!)
then a make-way-for-the-new-baby bedroom, which was a fast and furious attempt at moving Soren out of the crib and into a twin bed.
Then it became a place of mismatched furniture, holes in the walls (I had to move that cute shelf, because it was being used as a monkey bar), bad paint color, and chipped baseboards.
Oh, this poor room.  It's seen a lot of changes, but never something lasting and complete.  But its time has come.
The paint color is Perfect Storm from Valspar. (I used the primer+paint, low VOC, which worked great in just two coats to cover up that grurple color that was there before.
The boys' rooms adjoin (and they have their own entrances too), so you can see Jude's room in this photo through the door to the left, just in case you were wondering what that was.  Old houses and their loveable quirks.
This color is a dark teal/navy blue, which is perfect for a room that will grow with my son.
Unless he requests it, I don't have any intention of painting it again for many years.
The focal point of the room is the map wall, which set the room's global theme.
A lot of the room's accessories were ones that I've collected over the years, like this bolga basket found on clearance because its handle was missing.
The mirror below is from NOVICA, the hex sign is from an artisan at a local festival, and the wooden Austrian pull-up doll was a gift to Soren as a baby.
(Side note: my photos here are not so hot, especially when the windows are in the picture. A lens filter is stuck on the lens, and it's not flush with the lens. I need to take it to the local camera shop to help me get it off. )
Many of his Legos are stored in the fabric bins above, which helps to corral them from their inevitable turn as objects-of-stabbing-foot-pain on the floor.
I kept the artwork pretty spare, dedicating one entire wall to this woodblock print from a local art student.
My attitude toward buying art work is that if you love it, it will fit into your home in any way and make you happy looking at it.
I sewed some simple valances out of some Robert Kaufmann Metro Living fabric. 
My intention was to make Roman shades from it, but I was worried I wouldn't have enough.  I'm planning to install some kind of shades or wooden plantation blinds when our budget allows it.
I truly hope this room inspires in Soren a love of worldly things and travel.  So far, he loves his room, and I hope that he has many happy memories of it.


  1. I. love. it.

    Seriously, it is the perfect balance of boy and beyond. I admire your creativity.

  2. That is one fantastic looking room! Great job, just lovely. Love that color, too.

  3. I love what you did for Soren's room! It is great. I was wondering where you got the dark colored bookcase with the different sized openings that is in the 3rd picture down?

  4. I think the room looks wonderful. I really like the large map on the wall.


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