November 11, 2023

Knitting, Sewing, Cold Weather Work

Things have been quiet around here.  I often think maybe it's the fall of the Roman Empire, at least for this blog (I exaggerate a tad, comparing K&K to the Roman Empire). It certainly feels as if the blog is winding down (hello one post a week, at most).  It's not that I'm not doing a lot, or wanting to share, but taking photos, editing them, finding time to sit down and write (Chris and I often spend evenings watching movies or talking or reading, rather than hiding behind our respective screens).

I've also made it a priority to get the boys outside before dinner, just to enjoy the tepid weather and gorgeous color, even in our pavement-laced neighborhood.
But the lack of inertia here at Katydid and Kid is a topic for a different post, and rather than get sidetracked, I'll share some of the things I've been working on.

This weekend, I attended a Winter Gardening Workshop at the PA German Heritage center in our town.  It was really enlightening, learning about what the Pennsylvania Dutch grew over the winter months and how they supplemented their diet with fresh vegetables to keep healthy.
Calendula, which I didn't realize was quite hardy.  It's used in salads and other foods.
It's inspired me to take late-season gardening a little more seriously, and I'm intending to get plant some garlic this week, hopefully not too late!
I've also been trying to dry herbs from our yard to use in teas and cooking this winter.
In terms of making, I finished up a picnic quilt that I'm contributing to a fat quarter stash book.  Not sure why I was asked to be part of it, considering I'm not the world's best sewer.  But it was a fun and easy project to make.
And if I can do it, anyone can.  Even the grommets in the corners, which make the blanket versatile and wind-proof.
My knitting has also made it back to my lap, finally.
My latest project is trying to finish up projects, from half-done hats, to a vest that has now been outgrown by Soren, but I'll be darned if Jude bypasses it too.
I also have a goal of making a few pairs of mittens for the boys. I have fond memories of a family friend sending hand-knitted mitten replenishments for my brothers and me each year.  There was always a full basket of these mittens, even while some were soggily drying on the baseboards after a round of building snow forts.

In other needle arts news, we're dealing with a bracelet loom epidemic.
I'll admit to making one or two myself, and that I've mastered the fishtail design.  I'm frankly surprised that Soren is so into making these (and hording them, I'm afraid.  We're working on fostering the spirit of giving).  It makes me happy, that there just might be some things that we have in common.

So this week, you might not hear a peep from me, but you'll know that there's a lot going on in my world.  Enjoy your week, and hopefully find some time to create!

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  1. Roo got a loom from grandma but has yet to complete a project. Just like mommy. Sigh.


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