May 27, 2023

Inspired by Rangoli: Working with Chalk and Water

Soren and I spend a lot of time outside, just puttering around the yard and keeping busy with the most ordinary things like mud, rocks and water.  We have quite a stash of sidewalk chalk, and often break that out to use too.

Chris has become quite enamored of a traditional decorative art form from India called Rangoli, that involves chalk, or often, colored stone powder.   Created by women, these decorative designs are made in living areas as well as outside one's house and are believed to be welcoming signs for benevolent deities.  They're also considered good luck.
Somewhat inspired by Rangoli, we've been taking chalk drawing a little more seriously around here, well at least Chris and I.  I shared this artwork he made a few weeks ago.
Out on the back steps, we brought out the chalk and I decided to make some crude decorations of my own
It's funny how I never considered chalk to be something other than a kids' art material, though why not do something a little more decorative with it?

Of course Soren, still in the midst of his all-eraser period of artmaking, enjoyed washing away my designs as quickly as I put them up.
Ah, the beauty of ephemeral art and letting go...
For my son especially, a perfect day is one that includes a bucket of water, a washcloth, and a spray bottle.  Sometimes we even just let him "wash" the car, which surprisingly occupies quite a bit of time. 

So next time you're out with the sidewalk chalk, get down there and start drawing!


  1. I'm still quite taken with your husband's chalk artwork-It takes my breath away every time I see it! I know it sounds silly, but it's true xD

    And, I never knew chalk could be anything other then chalk either! Now I'm quite excited to do a little research on Rangoli :)

  2. These are lovely, and I think that temporary art is freeing, in the sense that it helps one create in the moment without inhibitions about making something others would like.


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