March 25, 2023

Induction: Tomorrow, 8pm

I chickened out today for the induction, which was scheduled at midnight. I just couldn't see myself getting enough rest between my appointment and some of the other things I needed to do away from home today. Plus my husband was working and I wanted to make sure he had some rest time too. So tomorrow we will just be relaxing as much as we can before the trip to the hospital. I really don't want to be induced, as I would rather spend the first few hours of labor at home or at least not strapped to monitors. But I guess in the end, everything will turn out fine. I just need to be brave and not get too scared...this happens all the time to lots of women. I will try to keep that in mind. And who knows, he still may make his debut tonight or tomorrow!

March 23, 2023

Happy Easter!...still waiting for our little bunny

It has been our last relaxing I will definitely be a mama sometime this week! I am scheduled to be induced at midnight on Tuesday (not sure why they do it so late, it's not like I'll be able to sleep afterwards), so I assume S will be born on Wednesday, but hopefully not Thursday. I am scared because he will probably be a big baby and I don't know how difficult birthing him will be. But at the same time I am excited and ready to get this over with. I know I'll miss being pregnant, as I had a really easy pregnancy and loved feeling him move (he's moving now). This past week he's been moving like crazy and I imagine he's trying to get out!

So the house has been cleaned, pansies have been planted in the pot outside, the fridge is stocked, and my bags are in the trunk of the car. Send your good thoughts and prayers my way for a safe (and easy!) delivery!

March 20, 2023

40 Weeks

I am just here biding my time until S decides to break free of my womb, I thought I'd post a picture. Sadly, it's hard to tell I'm pregnant here (just fat) but the other photos weren't very flattering...I swear my husband always takes the shot right before or after I smile.

Anyway, we only got around to taking pictures of my pregnant body last weekend, despite the fact that I am 40 weeks/4 days along. My mom has some photos from my baby shower, but she is pretty computer illiterate so I or my brothers need to get the photos from her camera to the computer for her. So this is the best that I have right now. I am wearing my favorite shirt and the only pair of shoes that I've been able to squish my feet into for the last 3 months. I don't think that I got that big compared to some people I see in the OBGYN office (gained about 22lbs), but I should say that I was already overweight when I got pregnant.

Another Overdue Day

Finally I can sit down here and write a little on my blog after being at the doctor's for most of the afternoon (and sleeping late this morning!). First off, thank you to everyone who has been leaving such nice and positive comments on my postings. I've been visiting all of your blogs and am happy to have "met" you all. I intend to leave some postings of my own on them all. I also need to get myself over to Dolce Diva Designs where I've been tagged by Dawn.

So it's the same old story here, just waiting for S and nothing happening. I know many women must feel this way, but it truly seems that he is never going to come out! In retrospect, this will all seem like a drop in the bucket of time, but right now it is eternal. I had the non-stress test where they monitor the baby's heartbeat for 20 minutes and also an ultrasound where they said he is at least 9lbs, probably more. But from what others have told me, they aren't exactly accurate with the weight. They wanted to induce on Sunday night, but I am going to wait until mid-week, as I want to see if he'll come naturally. All of the tests said everything looks great, the placenta is still functioning well, my fluid levels are good, his heart rate is excellent, etc. So because he is not under any kind of stress, I am going to wait it out. I am still just a fingertip dilated and I have another appointment on Tuesday morning to do the tests again. If he's still not here, they will most likely induce on Wednesday. A couple of my friends who've been induced have had bad experiences where they were in the hospital for 20 hours of labor and then had a c-section. I wish there was some sort of rhyme or reason with labor, where at least something was somewhat predictable. If I knew an induction would lead to a c-section, I'd just opt for that to begin with. But I guess that is some of the excitement about having a baby: the unknown. It is interesting that with all of the medical research out there that there is still so many unexplained things about labor.

March 19, 2023

Painless Contractions?

Is is possible that one can have contractions but not feel them? My belly was so tight when I stood up earlier, it was weird! It didn't hurt and it lasted a minute or so. Maybe this is the beginning of something!

I didn't really want to write about being pregnant, but it's pretty much the only thing on my mind right now. So, what did I do today....
I went to the grocery store because we are so low on staples like veggies, fruit and soy milk, and of course I ended up spending over $100 on stuff. This is probably my 3rd stocking-up-for-baby trip to the store, my first one being a few weeks ago, thinking I might go into labor early. The problem is, my huz and I then eat everything and I need to stock up again. I am praying that today was the last time, as I restocked the pantry with canned tomatoes and beans, and got some frozen stuff to eat in a pinch when S arrives. The funny thing is, we live less than a mile from a grocery store, so it's not like one of us can't run out and get something in 10 minutes. But there is something reassuring about knowing that I am prepared and stocked up for the baby; I actually enjoy looking in the pantry, seeing all the cans and boxes lined up, waiting to be used.

Tonight I am excited to be cooking fish tacos, something I've never had. I got some Tilapia (unfortunately from South America, as it is near impossible to find any fish in our area that is from America, and even more unfortunately, most of the frozen is from China which I don't trust). I have a subscription to Everyday Food (got a really good deal at Christmas, 2 subscriptions for $12) and there was a recipe in this month's issue for fish tacos that looked really light and scrumptious. I'll let you know how they turn out. The link I have here is to a similar recipe on their website.

And I know it is Wordless Wednesday, but I just wanted to tell you a little about Oscar the cat, as seen below. He keeps my spirits up when I am here pacing and waiting. He is either a full or partial Scottish Fold (we got him at the cat shelter I used to volunteer at) and he is the sweetest cat I've ever met. This breed is very mellow and loves people, so if you are ever looking for a laid-back lap cat, find a Fold (called that because half of the litters are born with folded ears, a genetic mutation). I think he'll do fine with baby S, until of course he starts crying. Fortunately Oscar is too fat (he was fatter when we got him) to jump into the crib or bassinet so we don't have to worry about that.

Wordless Wednesday/Oscar the Cat

March 18, 2023

I'm Still Here...The Answer I Keep Giving all those callers!

Well, it's my 2nd day of being overdue, and I have yet to feel any cramps, contractions, or obsessions to clean my ceilings, the curtains, and the drains in my sinks. It's been a pretty good day though, as my dear mother came up for a visit and took me out shopping for some new underwear (how exciting). As any of you who were ever pregnant know, your underwear really takes a lot of abuse during pregnancy. So I look forward to wearing these once the postpartum period is over. It was nice to be with my mom and have her reassure me that everything will be ok in the end. I should say that I have 4 younger brothers, so she should know what she's talking about having endured 5 natural labors.

On another note, my mood was definitely lightened yesterday when I learned that I had won a Milk Chic Nursing Cover and Diaper Dandee from Hip Mama's Place, a great site I found via the Ultimate Blog Party. I'll definitely take some photos and write about it after I get it in the mail so you can see if you'd want to get one for yourself or someone who is breastfeeding. It is a pretty good deal at $24 with free shipping. Also, if you use the Hip Mama's Place code (HMP) at checkout, you get a free Diaper Dandee (a carrying case for diapers/wipes).

One more thing, Hip Mama's Place has another cool giveaway, a Diapees and Wipees Holder. Go over and enter a comment today, as the drawing is next Tuesday.

March 17, 2023

Overdue and Frustrated

It's been a weary 24 hours...I've been a little depressed and a lot restless, waiting for this guy to come out! I am getting a little freaked-out now, not that he is late, but about facing labor and delivery and the unknown (when's it gonna happen, how painful, c-section, etc.). I guess I worry he is going to be a giant baby, like 10 pounds, even though I was 8 and my husband was 6.

I had a doctor's appointment today and the results were the same as last Thursday--barely dilated and not effaced. I haven't had any contractions, just a teensy bit of cramping over the weekend, and I've been walking a lot every day hoping to get something going. I was even raking and working in the flower beds on Saturday, squatting and bending. I am scheduled to go back on Thursday for tests and an ultrasound, so maybe I will have progressed by then. Plus the full moon is on Friday, so maybe that will bring on labor by pulling on my "bag of waters" (such a weird term!).

The funny thing at my appointment today was that they had the wrong chart. I've never had that happen before, but the attendant said that I would need to have an antibiotic shot before labor due to a positive strep test, but at my last appt. they said I was negative for that. It turns out she had the wrong file. To be fair, I usually go to my local satellite office, but since a doctor was only there one day this week, they sent me to the larger office to be checked. So maybe this somehow was a result of that. I'm glad I was paying attention, and not sulking at the fact that I am still pregnant!

March 15, 2023

Due Date: Tomorrow!!

I've been getting too many phone calls lately, with that same question: "Are you in labor yet?" Despite my thankfulness for everyone's concern, I've decided not to answer the phone any more. Believe me, I can't wait to tell you all when Soren arrives, and you are probably a lot more patient than I am at this moment!

But since I am just a teensy bit dilated (I know, too much info!), and am not having contractions that I know of, I think he's a bit reluctant to enter into the world at the moment. Hopefully before Easter though!

March 3, 2024

More Nursery Pictures

Nursery Tour

Finally, I've gotten around to taking some pictures of Soren's nursery. I haven't figured out the best way to arrange images with this blog, so forgive me if they come out wonky. I really wanted to add comments to each image, but I don't think I will figure that out for a while (so much for being married to a computer geek).

This nursery was truly a labor of love, and I enjoyed putting it together. It used to be my studio/art supply storage dump, but it will work well for a nursery despite its small size (about 10' by 14'). As you can see in the pictures, one of the challenges was to work around the door that adjoins our guest room. We tend to keep it closed during winter, as we don't heat that room, but when Soren arrives and the weather is nicer, the door will probably be opened and the little swing (thanks again Julie and Aunt Mary!) will go downstairs. Right now it makes a great door stopper, as Oscar the cat sometimes opens the door to that room.

One other challenge with the room was that there is no closet, typical of an old twin house. The previous owners put up a weird shelf thing by the ceiling, which you may have noticed. I have some baby stuff up there behind the curtains I sewed, which Chris says look to girly...oh well! Speaking of sewing, I made a bunch of things for the room, like the valence, the chair pillow, the laundry bag on the back of the guest room door, and the covers for the long shelf. Behind the shelf curtains are some lovely black baskets I got at my shower which are holding books and other supplies, so they provide some storage.

I have to say that a lot of this stuff comes from IKEA, including the chair (yes, I know it's a little large for the space but it is really comfortable and low to the ground, which means it should be good for nursing). The wall baskets, full of diapering supplies, also are from IKEA. What a great place for cool cheap stuff.

I could go on for days about the little intricacies of the room, but I'll just stop here. Friends and family, please come for a visit when the little guy comes!

March 2, 2024

Mural Pictures

Here are the lion, elephant, zebra and giraffe. . . notice a theme here?

Library Mural

Now one would think that with a baby on the way that my painting talents would be used to enhance the walls of the nursery, but no. I've spent the last few months slowly working on a mural for the local library's children's area. Soren's room (I keep promising those pictures!) is a pear green color with no mural...I am not too fond of murals in homes for some reason...but the library mural has lots of animals and things in it. It's been hard at times to work on this while pregnant (and ignore the "looking-like-crap" photo to the left), but I've managed to get most of it done and will be adding some more things sometime after the baby is born. I've used acrylics for everything other than the background colors, so I wasn't too worried about exposure to paint toxins. My usual messiness has not accompanied me on this project for some reason. Here are some pictures:
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